Active Holidays - Rich Recreation and Sports Offer

Active Holidays

The advantages of this part of Dalmatia is rich history, cultural background, preserved environment with always clear sea and line of pebbly and sandy beaches with plethora of possibilities for an active holiday. If you enjoy in sports and summer activities, if you like walking by the long sand beaches in Duce, or you like to explore karsts or old villages like Jesenice, Krug, crazy about driving the bike... you came to right destination. Join us!

This area offers almost unlimited options for recreation and sports. Diving, the swimming marathon, water polo, volleyball, free climbing, paragliding, balote,.. you name it... all of that and many more are practicing in and near Sumpetar.

Active Holidays

Crystal clear sea except for swimming and sports is great for diving and sport fishing also. If you enjoy active holiday, here you can experience adventures on Cetina river, dive or attend the diving school, or visit islands Brac and Hvar (and catch some fish for dinner during fish picnic).

Active Holidays

Spend an active sports-active holiday on the most beautiful Dalmatian river Cetina with magnificent canyon, breath the fresh air of the untouched nature, relax your brain and activate your body.

If you like canyoning, trekking, rafting, riding mountain bikes or you want to spend day or couple of days in nature, numerous tourist agencies can offer you tourist trips in area of old Poljica (specially is canyon of river Cetina).

Trekking in Poljica

Have a walk through the Principality of Poljica, through the vineyard in stone "Pasike", the interesting "Pograjska jut", full of cracks, funnel-shaped holes and round karsts valleys, with different trees and plants and in the canyon of the river Cetina. A lot of birds and small wood animals dwell here.

Active Holidays

Feel a breath of past times, since the woods Jut are full of old, half-demolished housings and "badjine" and different remainders of fences which were important to the people, living and existing in that interesting landscape.

It's necessary to take sports shoes and trousers to protect you from sharp plants, growing by the paths. It is also possible take some time for swimming in the river so you will need your bating suit. Picnic with homemade food and drinks is included. More information's about trekking in this region you can find on following webs: Jut-Cetina travel agency and PD Imber.

Cycling in Dalmatia

Cycling has been very popular in Dalmatia for a century, not least because years ago it was the quickest means of transport across their seemingly impossible slopes and rugged terrain.

Today the roads connecting the towns are much better but, in summer, when the coastal roads are congested, one of the most convenient forms of transport is still the bicycle. How often one passes a car stuck in jam only to see it arrive at the beach half an hour later, while you've been enjoying yourself!

Even if you've come to Croatia specifically for the cycling, the chances are - your accommodation will be on the coast. This is a great place to start your cycling adventures, and probably the gentlest as most of the roads follow the contours of the coast and so are reasonably flat. It is also a great way to pop down to the restaurant for a meal.

Active Holidays

There are many wonderful cycling circuits in Dalmatia. The level of difficulty of these varies considerably, some being designed for the recreational cyclist and some for the sports cyclist. For the latter you’ll need to be in top form. For example, the great bicycle tour of Makarska leads up and over the Biokovo Mountain, which is over a mile high!

The circuit ascends across the Biokovo area of Staza, through the Biokovo Nature Park to the highest peak of Sv.Jure (1762 m), where you can finally relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the Dalmatian Coast - and look forward to the downhill journey back.

There are numerous clubs along the coast where you can hire both racing bikes and mountain bikes. If your visit happens to coincide with one of the towns biking marathons you are, of course, welcome to participate.

Rafting on Cetina

Rafting on the Cetina river you'll meet light and moderate water rapids, deep calm lakes, ideal for having a refreshment, banks covered with rich vegetation - making tunnels of branches, impressive rocks and caves..

Active Holidays

Rafting on the Cetina river lasts between 3 and 4 hours and is organized on 9 km long part of the river, from the village of Penšići to the restaurant "Radmanove mlinice". Before the start each group on the boat gets acquainted with their guide, who is going to give you all obligatory equipment, which includes helmet, safety waste coat and an oar.

On the starting (calm) part of the river your guide is going to teach you about behavior rules and basic rowing techniques. On the scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark II to III and two extremely rough places are passed on foot.

Active Holidays

Canyoning in Cetina river canyon

Experience a real adventure in the canyon of the Cetina river, which is due to its wilderness, its rearing and timelessness called the river Horse, and enjoy the hidden beauty of its canyon, which can be till 120 m deep.

Explore the 40 m high waterfall "Gubavica" and have a swim in it, without being afraid, because you will bee led by people who were born by the canyon and who have spent their whole life there. They know all the charms and dangers, hiding in the canyon.

Active Holidays

If ordered, it is possible to organize a dinner in a local wine cellar with home-made wine and gastronomical specialties of the ancient Principality of Poljica. More information's about canyoning in this region you can find on Jut-Cetina travel agency web page.

Free Climbing

When you ask what’s the most interesting place for free climbing in Croatia, many free-climbers will answer - Omis. Combining, in the best way, the sea, Cetina River and rocks, what is a really eyes cherishing, there are also several advantages in comparison with other locations.

The most distanced climbing location is only 5 min drive far from city centre and the nearest one is just above the roofs of the old town!

It is possible to reach many “directions” by the road what is significant advantage, especially for “climber’s families” and bigger groups. The number of forty directions at seven locations guaranties interesting and exciting holiday. Directions range from easiest, beginners, to hardest (what free-climbers call “projects”) which should be climbed and appraised yet.

Active Holidays

Besides ordinary, sport directions, there are several "big wall" directions, 300 and more meters long, what makes Omis capable to serve the most demanding climbers. It also should be known that Omis is situated between two big locations for free climbing in this part of Croatia: Split (SPK Marulianus) - 25 km from Omis - Marjan location and Brela - about 20 km Brela.

Traditionally, during the whole year, huge number of free-climbers from all over the Europe visits Omis, location where much more directions are to be made. It is already founded free-climbing Club “Malduk”: which gathers local free-climbers. Members of the Club are always at the disposal of those who are just intending to meet free-climbing Omis.

Family Excursions

The family excursion consists of exciting canyoning and the magic of canoe safari. The excursion is suited to all age groups and does not require special physical abilities so that it can be shared with all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest.

The excursion begins at Podgrađe where all the necessary equipment for the trip is collected. By car we travel 6 min to the start at "Nugal" from where, at a leisurely walking place, we come beneath "Boćina", an artificial waterfall at the Kraljevac Hydroelectric Station built in 1912.

Active Holidays

Waiting for us there are canoe with which we will take a slow journey into the 120 m deep canyon. From there we come to the "Mala Gubavica" waterfall, which is 8 m in height. At this point the water passes through a stone dyke and falls to a depth of 7-8 m on the other side. Here a small climb is possible for those who wish.

From here we take a route following the river down stream, which is easy, but at the same time exciting with its abundance of small pools and gentle cascades. Along the banks there are small, hidden beaches, which provide an excellent opportunity for bathing and diving from the rocks into the crystal clear pools.

Along the way there are many sites of interest such as the renovated village watermills from 17th century and Pavića Bridge, which was built in 1900 and is classed as a national cultural monument.

Active Holidays

A picnic is organized at the end of the excursion with homemade food and refreshments. Barbeques may be organized on advanced request. More information's about family excursions in this reagion you can find on Jut-Cetina travel agency web page.

Boat Trips to Islands

If there was just one thing in Croatia you could say was uniquely Croatian, you would say it was its boats. Every port has, lined up along its quays, wooden boats which have such beautiful line and elegance, you’d think they’d all been built over a hundred years ago. Although some are very old, most were actually built relatively recently.

If you visit Omis, in Central Dalmatia, there is boat yard by the road where boats like these are still being built in the old fashioned way. All of these boats are, of course, designated for tourism.

Active Holidays

Boat trips are offered everywhere, and with the number of islands and coastal attractions to see it is hardly surprising. These trips are very pleasant and can be from a few hours to a whole day. If you go for a day the trip usually includes a ‘fish picnic,’ which is locally caught fish prepared a la Croatian. Delicious!

There are plenty of boat trips from Omis which go to the islands of Hvar and Brac, where you can stop off for a few hours to see the famous beaches.

If you want to hire a boat, whether it is a little rowing boat or big motor boat for big game fishing, or whatever, you’ll be able to hire one in almost any town along the coast. Everywhere placards on quaysides advertise boats that can be hired by the hour, by the day, with a driver or without a driver.

Active Holidays


If you ever wanted to do something adventurous during holidays now is your chance. You can dive without license or any previous experience guided by the safe hands of instructors at Calypso scuba diving center in Omis. The will equip you with everything you need and you will be taken to the depth of up to 10 m. Experience the thrill of underwater breathing and discover the amazing sea world.

Discover diving includes: 1h of theory, 1h of diving with professional certified instructor (up to 5m of depth), transport by boat, CD with your underwater photos. Calypso center offers diving school, also.

Active Holidays

If you are experienced diver who wants to explore another part of wonderful sea world, you might be interested in Calypso excursion programme which is based on boat trips to the islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta and many other beautiful locations along the coastline.

These different locations provide you with the opportunity to enjoy wreck diving, reef diving, cave diving and night diving. Diving excursion include: half day trip, equipment, professional certified instructor, transport by boat, CD of your underwater photos.


Omis is very popular among hang-gliders and paragliders because some sort of wind is always there. At an elevation of 380 meters on the Omis fork of the Dinaric mountains there is a grassy slope that is a good starting point. Average time of staying aloft is about two or three hours. The safest and the most frequently used site for landing is the town beach.

Active Holidays


If you are looking for a true adrenaline rush, imagine zipping your way across the magnificent Cetina River 150 meters above the canyon suspended by a wire! We have 8 wires running a total of 2100 meters. The highest one is 150 meters above the river canyon. The views from up here are incredible—a bird’s eye experience of some of the most magnificent nature in Croatia! A full 3 hours of pure fun and a healthy dose of adrenalin to satisfiy even the most demanding thrill junkies.

Active Holidays

Fun & Pleasure

Attractive tourist objects on the beach, rich night life, cafe bars, pirate nights, crazy dives, fisherman's nights, and all with live music and Dalmatian folk songs, is only part of the fun things by which you can make your holiday better.

Sumpetar you will remember by kindness and hospitality of their residents - your hosts. On this region there are many tourists domestic's, which give welcome to every visitors during the whole year. In one word, on appropriate way you will experience the nature and meet people who live with it, you will know their traditionalism, food, spirituality and kindness.

Active Holidays

While resting you will easy forget on everyday worries and stress, and the young peoples (and the older too) pleasantly and easily be able to fill the whole day with curiosity. But, that is not all.

So, come, meet Sumpetar, meet Dalmatia, meet Croatia! You will be pleasantly surprised..

Active Holidays